Multi-Coloured Wavy Synthetic Wig

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Rainbow lace wig wholesale - customized wigs

There’s nothing but fun times writing for you with customized wigs.  Made to last and perfect for when you want to dress things up a little bit and enjoy a style all of your own, this wavy synthetic wig with a lace font is going to be great for all skin tones.  With a touch of colour in every part of it. This is going to be a fun style for those who really enjoy playing with colour specifically.  Best of all, it’ll give you lots of length to style it to your heart’s content and enjoy fun, modern colours.  For a cosplay synthetic wig, you can’t get much better!

•Made with top-quality, heat resistant synthetic fiber

•Transparent lace suitable for different skin tones

•Adjustable strap to fit different head sizes

•Wavy texture

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Recent Reviews ( 7 )
I ordered the multi colored wigs and I was pleasantly surprised. These multi colored wigs does not look or feel cheap and the inside is full lace. I’ll probably purchase more multi colored wigs just for fun. Great buy!
First multi colored wigs I’ve purchased, and let me tell ya.... impressed!! Took me a while to get the hang of correctly putting multi colored wigs on, lol, but I did it! I bought multi colored wigs for my Halloween costume I’ll be wearing this year, and to be honest, I’m excited about wearing multi colored wigs!!
The colors amazing. This multi colored wigs is all around fun the colors are wild. This is by far one of the fun multi colored wigs that I bought. The multi colored wigs are gorgeous. But multi colored wigs are good to style.
This rainbow lace wig is nice, just the colour as the photo show. Shipping fast, but travel 7 days from abroad, a little bit longer than expected.
WOW, amazing rainbow-colored lace wig, love so much. Any long style in this color?
Wow, get this lace front rainbow wig in $42, free shipping! With extra 2 wig caps! Looking forward to my Halloween performance with this rainbow lace wig.
Wig is great, colorful and soft with low price. Recommand

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