Why do human hair wigs wear out faster than actual human hair does?

  • Tuesday, 25 December 2018
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Nowadays, hair loss has become an increasingly common phenomenonbaby pink wig.

In order to make up the looking, wigs are widely used.

Judging from materials, wigs can be divided into human hair wigs and synthetic fiber wigs

Although wigs can play a role in the of hair loss, there is been a  bothering problem, that is the wig wear out faster than the real hair.

That means we have to keep purchasing new wigs. 

For this problem, it depends on many factors while the most important is the supply of nutrients.

Real human hair, which has a human body that constantly provides nutrition, will be more wear-resistant and tougher. 

The wigs are detached from the source of nutrients, will wear out easily. Besides, maintenance will be another important factor. Good maintenance will make your wigs last longer and look better.

Learn how to care for your wig.

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