Why Some Wigs May Not Be Suitable For You

  • Sunday, 11 July 2021
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Why Some Wigs May Not Be Suitable For You

A curly brown wig is one of the hottest styles of all times. This voluminous, naturally curly long brown wig, is as tight curled as you can get to offer maximum bounce and volume. It is definitely center parting in a modern, natural tapered shape and is an awesome deep dark brown color that are slightly darker at the ends to lend itself more towards the roots for a more vintage feel. It features a textured side cut out features in soft matte black hair that flows softly from the crown. It also has three inch inseam lengths that flares slightly at the tips for a perfect blended look.

If you are a curly brown wig newbie who wants to know what is the difference between a natural curly brown wig and one that are curly brown? Here are the differences that might help you out when it comes to buying your next natural or curly brown wig and style. Natural wigs are curly wigs that have never been "woven" or chemically treated in any manner whatsoever. Curly brown wigs that are chemically treated or made curly by any means are termed as "attenuated", "lightened", or "smoked". In other words, the color and the texture have been changed in some way.

It should be noted that naturally curly brown wigs are very curly. They never have been chemically treated, never been dyed, and have vibrant, rich vibrant colors due to the natural occurring oils within the hair that give them their bouncy characteristics. They will never have been chemically processed and should always be 100% naturally curly and organic. These wigs also do not curl too much or stand up on end like their chemically processed counterparts. In short, naturally curly brown wigs are the closest thing to their real hair colors.

It should be noted that sometimes these naturally curly brown wigs can look unnatural at times due to their lack of texture, bounce, or shine. This is where a little bit of shine is added on to them by coloring, perming, or chemically processing them. An example of this would be if you were to buy a wig that was dyed black and then it was permed red. The texture of the wig will look more like a wig made from human hair than one that has been dyed, processed, and permed.

Another reason curly wigs may not always look right is because they have been processed and chemical treated at some point in their life. Often times during styling or washing, the natural hair strands may have been separated from the wig roots or cuticle. This separation can cause certain damage to the hair, such as the loss of fullness and curl control. In addition to losing fullness and curl control, there may be a chemical residue left on the hair shafts of the wig. This residue, called sebum, can cause your hair to become dry and dull. Chemical treatments are permanent and you will have to get a brand new wig if you wish to change your natural hair color back to its natural curly color.

If you have curly brown hair and are looking for a new style for a special occasion, a naturally curly brown wig can be a great option. These wigs can give you the bouncy straight look that you were born with, without sacrificing the bounce and shine that you are used to having. Choosing a wig that is curly can be a fun and exciting process. Just remember to do your research so you find one that looks best on you.

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