What Is the Difference Between a Natural Wig and a Synthetic Lace Front Wig?

  • Tuesday, 06 July 2021
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What Is the Difference Between a Natural Wig and a Synthetic Lace Front Wig?

Pretty long, thin wigs can be made to look fabulous at just about any event, so it is always a great time to buy a new one. The best thing about a pretty lilac wig is how versatile it is. You can use it to disguise yourself at a wedding or to make a really sexy statement when going out to a night club.

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Longer lilac wigs are an amazing natural light blonde wig and often have a super fine straight cut fringe. The straight sexy fringe and natural straight look to the wig coupled with the beautiful light blonde color and gorgeous natural cut fringe is really pretty stunning. With a light blonde base color, a lilac wig can also be made to change from an all white to a golden blonde when you want to. A light lilac wig can even lighten your dark skinned hair. However, most people choose a long light blonde as a natural blonde.

The natural look of a lilac wig is that of human hair. You will notice that this is true even when the original hairline is covered by a lilac cap. If the wig is made of synthetic fibre than the human hair is covered up and the synthetic fibre covers the natural hairline. When both the human hair and the synthetic fibre are used then the wig can be made to look like a completely different hair type. It will look more like your real hair.

There are two types of wig construction, which make a big difference in how natural the final product looks. One type uses an inbuilt cap construction. This means the wig will have its own little cap that attaches to the end of the wig, giving it its shape. The other uses heat sensitive glue for the attachment of the cap to the wig. Heat sensitive glue means the human hair does not touch the glue, so it can't be coloured or chemically treated in any way.

Although the construction is similar, the overall look of the wig is completely different. A natural lilac wig will have a soft flowing natural look to it. One that is constructed using heat sensitive glue gives it a stiffer and fussy finish. In the past these types of wigs could be coloured, but not today. If you want to buy one made with heat sensitive glue then you may need to ask the seller if it is 100% human hair.

A full lace front wig, which is also known as a French wig, has no synthetic fibre in it. It uses human hair that is cut into patches. The patches can then be sewn onto the head and glued into place. If you want a lace front wig that looks very natural then this is the type of wig you will need to buy.

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