Violet Wig Review

Violet Wig Review

  • Monday, 06 November 2023
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Violet Wig Review

Violet is an airy, carefree, and effortless bob with natural loose beachy waves.violet wig With lavish layers, this wig is a hot pick from Estetica Designs. Sweep those bangs to the side and grab your sandals; you’re ready for summer!

This wig is made with heat friendly modacrylic fiber that can be styled with a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron.violet wig It’s easy to maintain and has built in memory, meaning it will return to its original form after washing.

For best results we recommend using shampoo and conditioner made specifically for synthetic hair.violet wig Regular hair products contain added sulfates and chemicals that can damage your wig fibers, causing them to dry out, break down and lose their color. Use a wide tooth comb (we recommend Jon Renau - Wide Tooth Comb) to comb through your wig after brushing, removing any knots or tangles. It is also important to store your wig in the correct way. After it’s been washed, place it on a wig stand or pillow to keep it from losing its shape and to help the curls stay intact.

We recommend washing your wig every six to ten wears, depending on your lifestyle and activity level.violet wig This will remove any sweat, oils, or product build-up that can cause tangling. When you wash your wig it’s important to be gentle, especially in the nape and any areas that touch your body or clothing. You can use a detangler (we recommend Jon Renau – HD Smooth Detangler) but be careful not to get it near any hand tied areas of the cap. Conditioner can loosen the hand tied strands and cause them to shed from your wig.

If you’re looking for a more durable, long-lasting wig we recommend purchasing one of our premium lace fronts. Our lace fronts contour to your forehead, giving you a beautiful and natural looking hairline without the need for tape or glue.

To determine your wig size, measure the circumference of your head starting from the front of your ear across the forehead, around to the back of the head and down to the other ear. Write down your measurement and consult our wig sizing chart to find out which size will fit you best. If you’re still unsure, we suggest ordering a color sample to make sure your new wig will be the perfect fit!

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