The Many Different Kinds of Redhead Wig

The Many Different Kinds of Redhead Wig

  • Friday, 03 September 2021
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The Many Different Kinds of Redhead Wig

The Redhead Wig is a rare item obtainable in Fable: The Lost Chapters. It can only be obtained by collecting the 100% Treasure Hunt item within the game's first part, where the player has to solve a puzzle in order to gain access to it. It can then be taken to the Marketplace for purchase. There are two kinds of wigs available: the standard and the rare type. The rare item is also not guaranteed to be from any of the game's characters, unlike the standard ones.

The rarest redhead wig in the game is the Human Hair wig, which has a shiny black color. The wig can be obtained in the marketplace after going up to the third floor of the Darkwood Caverns and then finding a dresser with a redhead on top. On the necklace that hangs on the dresser, there is a heart that says "It's my heart..." If the player chooses to put the necklace on the necklace, the wig will be inlaid. This method does not work in the other chapters. However, this method does work in the bonus area of some of the other endings in the game, such as "Piercing the Veil".

The standard redhead wig is the cheapest and most common wig present in the Fable series. The cheaper kind does not have any extra effects, unlike the latter kind. It simply has black strands of hair in its black color. The standard wig also comes in various colors, such as red, green, blue, gray, tan, purple, and mauve. The more colors, the higher the price.

Aside from being used as a cosmetic item, the standard redhead wig is also used in videos and movies. Most of these end up in the video games as well, although they are used differently in each game. A notable example of a character wearing one is when Alice in Wonderland's Cheshire Cat wears one in the later part of the film.

The most sought after redhead wig among redheads are those that are very long. Usually, a good looking redhead stands out from the crowd, making it difficult to not notice them. Such long wigs are most commonly used for adults, although they can also be used by children who like to stick to the cartoon characters they like.

There are many different colors of redheads, ranging from dark redheads to light redheads. All these different colors have different characteristics that make them great for different occasions and moods. Redheads with black hair tend to be good at hiding their flaws, while redheads with red hair should have red highlights that can easily be hidden. While long wigs may seem great for redheads of any length, short redheads need to have their hair cut short to avoid attention from passers-by. While redheads do not need to shave their heads, they should be careful about their bangs.

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