The Best Long Red Wigs

The Best Long Red Wigs

  • Saturday, 12 August 2023
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The Best Long Red Wigs

The bold hue of a long red wig is guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye—not only is it ultra-flattering for any complexion, but it also instantly adds an energetic pop of color to your look. Whether you’re rocking a fiery cherry red or a subtle auburn, the right shade of red can completely transform your entire appearance and make you feel like a goddess. To help you find your perfect match, we’ve rounded up the best long red wigs to suit your specific style and skin tone.

This lace-front wig is the clear winner among testers—it’s available in a handful of styles (10 lengths ranging from 16 to 34 inches, to be exact) and a bunch of colors to choose from (including everything from strawberry blonde to deep red to copper). The Swiss lace used to create this wig looks super natural at your hairline, thanks to a design that covers it with a layer of transparent material so you can use your favorite hair products without ruining the look.

Reviewers rave about how soft and full this wig feels, and the fact that it doesn’t shed or tangle easily. Plus, it’s completely heat-resistant so you can straighten it or even curl it to create a different look. Just don’t go any hotter than 300 degrees, or you could damage or melt the strands.

If you’re looking for a long red wig that will look totally seamless at your hairline, check out this one from Raquel Welch. It has a natural lace front and an invisible cap, so you can style it with your own preferred hairstyle or take it to a stylist for a more personalized fit. This wig comes with 7-inch bangs that you can wear straight, side-swept, or brushed back, and the breathable construction makes it comfortable for everyday wear.

If you want to downplay the bright color of your red wig, try wearing it with black or navy blue clothing. Yellows, purples, and greens also work well because they’re on the opposite color wheel from red and can help the rest of your outfit stand out. If you’re looking for a way to dress up your look with a pop of red, try wearing a statement piece like a headband or scarf in a complementary color.

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