Synthetic Lace Front Wig Differences From a Human Head wig

  • Friday, 25 December 2020
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Synthetic Lace Front Wig Differences From a Human Head wig

Synthetic lace wigs are often made from synthetic materials. They don't need nearly as much care and aren't as likely to break as real human hair wigs, which is good news for people who suffer from head lice and who don't want to treat their symptoms with an over the counter or prescription treatment. So, what exactly is a synthetic lace front wig anyway? Well, let's break down the term and explore the benefits of this popular hair accessory:

Well, first off... Real human hair wigs have always been considered to be much more "natural" than synthetic lace front wigs... right? This is because real hair is full of pigment, meaning that each hair fiber is completely unique and capable of producing a variety of natural colors. This also means that each person has their own unique hair color, so a synthetic wig can never really be completely identical to another person's wig.

Synthetic wigs also come in a variety of different textures. One of the most common is "blow dried" hair, which has been treated with hairspray and then blow dried to get it super dry and frizz-free. "Real hair" however, does not come this way. It comes from the individual hair fibers of the donor's scalp. So, synthetic lace front synthetic wigs come in two different textures: normal hair-like texture and "frizz free" hair texture (also known as "monofilament" texture).

Next, real human hairs can be woven into complex braids and other complex hair designs. This isn't the case for synthetic lace front wigs; they simply can't create these types of designs, due to the lack of ability to create such designs. You can, however, get synthetic lace front wigs that are completely made out of synthetic hair strands, which can then be braided and styled the way you want!

The last major difference between a synthetic lace front wig and a real wig is the fact that you can actually shave your head. With a real wig, you cannot. This is because a synthetic wig is composed of many individual hairs, all of which would have to be attached to one single hair follicle, which means it could not be shaved. Real human hair is very difficult to shave without damaging the wig.

While the above differences may seem relatively insignificant, they actually play an important role when choosing a synthetic hd lace front wig. If you want to avoid damage to the wig, you would want to choose a wig that comes with detachable hair sections, which allow you to quickly and easily detangle your hair for an easy clean look. Also, if you want to try out a variety of different looks without damaging your natural wig, a synthetic hd lace front wig would be the best choice for you!

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