Synthetic Curly Wigs

Synthetic Curly Wigs

  • Tuesday, 04 June 2024
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Synthetic Curly Wigs

Synthetic curly wigs are a great option for women who want to rock a gorgeous wavy or curly hairstyle without dealing with the frizz and maintenance that come with natural curls.synthetic curly wigs This type of wig also provides the added benefit of hiding hair loss or thinning hair due to chemotherapy or alopecia. Curly synthetic wigs are available in a wide range of colors and styles, making it easy to find the perfect match for your personality and style.

Like all wigs, curly wigs need proper care to keep them in top condition and looking their best.synthetic curly wigs Using a wig conditioner on your wig after every use is one of the easiest ways to avoid frizz and static build up, as well as keeping your curls separated into defined clumps instead of looser waves or unruly curls. Washing your wig no more than once every 6-8 wears is also important for keeping it sanitary and preventing over-washing which can damage and shorten the lifespan of your wig.

In addition to using a wig shampoo and conditioner, you should also invest in a wig spray that will help add moisture and prevent frizz. Using a specialized hairspray on your wig will also ensure that it holds the style you’ve created, helping to keep it tangle-free and in top shape throughout the day.

For women who want to add a little extra oomph to their curls, there are also heat friendly synthetic wigs that can be styled with a blow dryer or other heated appliances. However, it is essential to be very cautious when working with heat on your wig so as not to damage the fiber. The Protect Holding spray that we carry here at Rene of Paris is a fantastic product for keeping your synthetic wig’s style looking fresh and perfect throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed and casual look, we also offer many different styles of loose wave and curly synthetic wigs as well. These types of wigs feature soft and flowing waves that create a romantic and effortlessly glamorous look that’s perfect for any occasion.

Synthetic wigs have what’s called “style memory,” meaning they retain their original curl pattern when they are wet. In general, most curly and wavy synthetic wigs require very minimal styling to get them into the look that you’re going for. If you do need to re-establish a curl, we recommend spraying the wig with Revive Liquid Enhancement while it’s still damp, rolling the curl tightly and pinning it in place so that it can dry overnight. Alternatively, you can wrap the wig around your head or mannequin and pin it into place to allow it to dry more quickly. Once the curl is reestablished, you can comb it through with your fingers to remove any tangles or unruly spirals that may have formed during the process.

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