Maintaining a Great Head of Lace Wig

  • Saturday, 30 May 2020
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Maintaining a Great Head of Lace Wig

One of the best things about wearing a beautiful lacy white wig is that you can create any look you desire. In addition to being great for classic Hollywood glamour, a lovely emerald green lace front wig can give your hair a dramatic boost and bring a lot of fabulous accents to your look. Your outfit is the first thing your wig tells everyone about your personality and, as with all other accessories, you can change your wig to make it suit you better.

The one thing you need to be aware of is the difference between the pomade that's used to apply the emerald green lace front wig, and that of a normal wig. A traditional lace wig has the same amount of pomade in it as the emerald green lace front wig does, and both are intended to last through repeated washing. A traditional lace wig also has a pomade of some kind or a line of wigs that will hold its shape. Because there is no pomade in the emerald green lace front wig, it should be treated with care.

To maintain the shape of your wig, you will need to treat it just like natural hair every day to keep it from getting frizzy. For this reason, using a moisturizing shampoo is important. Also, try to limit your shampooing to once a week and have a stylist apply conditioner to the wig each time you wash it.

Many people use the hot oil method to deal with the moisture, but you must know that too much heat can make the hair dry out. Instead, use a slightly more mild shampoo and use a wide-toothed comb to clean out your wig without pulling too hard. You may also want to consider giving your wig a hot bath to keep it smelling fresh and soapy, but don't use an iron.

By far the most convenient way to change your emerald green lace front wig is to wash it yourself. Do not use shampoo or conditioner on it, but instead use warm water to rinse the hair and then add a small amount of shampoo and conditioner to the rinse water before putting the wig into the washer. Before you get to the final stage of the washing process, ensure that your wig is dried completely.

To test that the green lace front wig is really dry, run a paper towel along the surface. If it pulls away from the paper towel, the wig is dry. When all the washing is done, the wig should still be damp, but if it is dry, just add some conditioner and gently rub it down. It will still need some attention, but it will only take a few minutes.

If it is very dirty, take it to a hair salon and they will be able to clean it for you. If you have a green lace front wig and you are planning to change your hair color in the near future, a reliable hair color, such as Grey Vision, can be used at the same time the emerald green lace front wig is cleaned. Grey Vision's shine gives a great result and it's a permanent solution, unlike some hair colors. You can even have a replacement of any of the emerald green lace front wig when it turns brown by simply washing it and adding some Grey Vision for that classic "peach" tint.

The emerald green lace front wig is a timeless classic. In order to preserve its luster, it should be taken care of as best as possible. With a little practice, you can put your emerald green lace front wig back to work with a few gentle, easy-to-mend treatments.

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