Is Synthetic Wigs Sexy?

Is Synthetic Wigs Sexy?

  • Tuesday, 15 June 2021
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Is Synthetic Wigs Sexy?

A violet wig is also known as a pigmentation wig, because it is literally comprised of pigment that has been added to the hair. Pigment wigs are generally used by people who have dark hair and are looking for an option to change the color of their hair completely. It is possible for anyone to walk into a salon and ask to buy such a wig, although these types of hair color changes rarely take off. For those who want to change their look drastically, but cannot afford to shell out the money for a professional wig, they can still get a less expensive violet wig that is still striking. The wig will still offer the same rich, earthy colors that will compliment your natural hair color, but the synthetic wig will be lighter in color.

The base of any synthetic violet wig is the same as a normal wig. The pigment that is used is dyed so that it will "swap" with the color of your natural hair. If you have light blonde hair, you will have blonde-violet highlights added to the wig. In other words, you would have blonde violet highlights on the front and white highlights on the back. This is usually done in either a round brush or spray bottle, with the end result being that your hair appears almost completely violet.

Violet wigs come in all different shades of violet. The lightening agents are added to the wig in varying amounts, to give the illusion of lightening. You can get the look of being almost completely black, or any other color you wish. The effect is only achieved through a process called "ultraviolet light treatment". Basically, the wig is equipped with a special camera that takes a photo of your head, and it is electronically "cracked" so that each layer of the wig is added one at a time. Ultraviolet light reacts with the pigment in the hair to give the white highlights that are seen on the synthetic wig.

The only downside to using a violet wig is that they are not natural. You cannot bleach them, and you cannot use any heat protection agents to protect your scalp from the violet light. They are also going to last longer than natural hair, but they will not last as long as human hair. This is because a good synthetic wig will be made of the highest quality, most durable materials that are available. A natural violet wig on the other hand, will be cheaper and will not last nearly as long. If you must use a violet wig, it is imperative that you find one that has been treated to reflect light properly, so that your color is not compromised.

Some people use their wigs for fun, such as for Halloween. However, you should not use your wig for this purpose, because the wig could be seriously damaged if you were to be in an accident and had your lightened. Because there are several laws in place pertaining to wearing lightened wigs at parties, you may find that you have to remove your wig and present it to your party as a decoration, or you may be asked not to wear a lightened wig if you intend to attend any of your friend's parties.

If you decide to purchase a synthetic wig, you should keep in mind all of these dangers. Synthetic wigs are designed to look and feel like real hair, but they are just not made to last as long as real hair. They are also made to look exactly like human hair, so if you decide to dye it, there are the obvious color differences that would make the difference between the wig that you were buying, and the one that you were thinking about buying. You should always look your best and never wear a wig that is not for your own personal beauty. Although some people may consider these wigs to be sexy and stylish, they may end up damaging your appearance instead.

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