How to Get That Golden Blonde Look

  • Monday, 18 May 2020
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How to Get That Golden Blonde Look

There is a dark hair color that comes in many shades and hues, from ivory to mocha, bronze to orange.dark honey blonde While the blonde might be the most dominant light hair color in our society, there are other darker tones. Though not as easy to achieve in person, there are more shade choices than ever.

Blonde Hair In general, the darker the hair, the lighter the hair.dark honey blonde dark honey blonde For this reason, it is very common for darker blonde hair to have less volume than its lighter counterpart. This has led to lighter shades of blond becoming more popular, and blond hair more prevalent than ever. It is also easier to find darker shades that are softer and more textured. The result is a natural look.

Blonde Hair Can Be Soft With added highlights, a blonde could turn into an olive.dark honey blonde Without this hue, it can take a fair amount of time and work to make the blonde lighter. Some products may offer a more even distribution of shade, but that doesn't mean it is less intense.

The most important step is to begin styling your hair. Heat styling with heat (hot rollers, curling irons, flat irons) can cause your hair to become frizzy and unmanageable. Do not blow dry or spray your hair with too much heat. You want to let the dryer to warm the cuticles of your hair, which will allow your hair to breathe, allowing your tresses to become more relaxed.

Once your hair is wet and dried naturally, try on the lightest shade you want to style, or use for a base layer. Depending on your hair texture, it may be necessary to add some product for a more finished look. Find a style with a satin finish, such as a swept back or curled edge.

If you aren't very happy with the look you have on your head, there are plenty of ways to make your hair more textured, such as a curling iron, flat iron, or curling gel. Make sure to wear it out so you don't redo everything every day. Once you've had time to relax, wear a side part that features a bouncy wave to really emphasize your natural curls.

Color therapy, such as highlighting, should not be used while your hair is wet. When it is wet, your hair has less heat protection, which means more damage. Consider starting the color treatment when your hair is dry and heat-resistant.

To make your blonde hair dark, consider using a highlighting gel or powder in very fine lines and texture issues. Applying powder in layers over a highlighter brush will make your hair look fuller and more defined. Experiment with different shades until you find the right match for your hair type.

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