How to Choose an Ice Blue Wig

  • Wednesday, 30 June 2021
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How to Choose an Ice Blue Wig

If you want to look sexy and classy yet can't quite justify the cost of purchasing such a wig - it's time to consider a Ice Blue wig. This is a long-wearing, moisture-wicking and resistant wig that comes in a wide range of styles to suit every look. There are plenty of great reasons to purchase an Ice Blue wig. Although this hair dye isn't exactly as cool as all the other popular ones, it's definitely up there with the best! Here are some benefits you may enjoy when choosing this particular hair dye for your next salon visit or night out on the town:

ice blue wig

It's a natural blue. True blue hair is actually a form of naturally occurring light blond hair - all the same, of course. But because it is so close to the color of blue, it can be more difficult to style and color in some areas than hair of a different natural shade. Natural Black is a close relative and has the same coloring requirements. But it has the cooler, lighter blue undertone that gives it a warmer, less puffy effect overall. It also does not have the rich orange/red undertones that most all black wigs have.

It's a straight wig. Wigs are designed to be either curly or straight. While a natural blue wig can be worn in any direction by most women, it will look more appealing if it is worn straight, without a lot of volume. This is easily achieved by using products such as an accelerator spray to add extra volume to the hair before applying the wig.

It's easy to care for. Like all natural wigs, the only maintenance required for an Ice Blue wig is regular shampooing to keep it looking its best. To get rid of any buildup of conditioner, you'll need to use conditioner. This isn't necessary, but it does make a difference, so it is something to consider. If you do use conditioner, use it at least once a month and change it every six months.

It's not for everyone. A natural blue wig is not recommended for those with greasy hair, oily skin, or very sensitive scalps. The wig may feel a little tight around your scalp, but it will grow in and give you a more natural looking appearance. Plus, it is more affordable than many of the other styles of ice blues available.

The price ranges of these wigs vary. Prices start at around $30 for a basic model that has no accessories, goes up from there. The highest quality models have more features and a more defined weave, which make the hair feel tighter and can help prevent tangles.

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