Flame Wig - A Wig For Cancer Patients

Flame Wig - A Wig For Cancer Patients

  • Thursday, 27 July 2023
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Flame Wig - A Wig For Cancer Patients

Flame wig is made of a blend of 70% heat friendly fiber and 30% human hair, it looks, feels, moves and styles just like natural hair.flame wig It can be heat set, curled or straightened, brushed and combed to create your own unique look. It weighs 71 grams and comes in a variety of colors and textures. This wig style can be heat styled up to 350F degrees.

For people who are losing their own hair to illness, a wig can offer a sense of self-expression and confidence.flame wig A Knoxville wig maker is making it her mission to encourage those patients through her craft. Siobian Jones has seen the power of a wig first-hand through her work with cancer patients.

She creates a range of wigs for stage performers, but most importantly for children and women going through chemotherapy.flame wig Eighty percent of cancer patients will lose their hair during treatment, so it is important to help those people feel confident about their appearance, she says. She also wants to get rid of the stigma surrounding wigs and is on a mission to educate those who may not know.

The process of creating a wig begins by gathering a wide variety of human hair, which is then processed to remove the cuticle. Once the hair is ready, it is then mixed with various shades to match a person’s natural color. The foundation of a wig is then cut from a fine silk netting that matches the hair’s desired color. Springs are sewn into the foundation at strategic locations to hold the wig in place on a customer’s head.

When it’s time to wash the wig, it is gently swirled in cold water with a little shampoo. The wig is then rinsed, and a towel is used to soak up the excess moisture. A wig stand is then used to allow the wig to air dry. It is very important not to wring or rub the wig, because that can cause it to break down or shrink. When the wig is completely dry, it can be brushed with a soft plastic or wire brush to prevent tangling and to give the wig its original style. The wig can then be worn again.

For anyone who is battling cancer, or any other type of serious illness, a wig can make all the difference in their confidence and quality of life. For more information on how you can help, please check out the following websites:

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