Drag Queen Wigs Manufacturers

Drag Queen Wigs Manufacturers

  • Tuesday, 13 June 2023
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Drag Queen Wigs Manufacturers

In order to be a drag queen it takes a lot of courage, uniqueness and talent.drag queen wigs manufacturers But it also takes a lot of hair, and that’s where drag queen wigs manufacturers come in. We spoke to a professional wig maker who spilled all the secrets behind the epic hairstyles seen on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Christopher Harris, 33, of Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood started his wig-making and styling business, Haired by Harris, in 2016 and now works with local and out-of-town queens including Shangela who appeared in “A Star Is Born” with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. He estimates that 35 percent of his wig sales are based out of Chicago and says that he often mimics “real-life, cisgendered [female] hairstyles” when designing a new look for his clients.

Vanity, who is both a master hair stylist and a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race, has been in the business for more than 30 years and has a reputation for creating high-quality wigs that look completely natural. She and Courtney, a finalist on Australian Celebrity Big Brother and a former drag queen herself, founded Wigs by Vanity in 2003 after they realized that they could not find anything like a flawless lace-front wig available anywhere else at any price point.

A yap from her senior Miniature Pinscher named Rocky confirms it: he has spotted the wig studio he shares with George from his spot on the couch in the living room. Inside, there’s plenty of natural light, a California Home Goods air purifying bag and a bottle of hairspray.

It’s the hairspray that’s a necessity because the wigs that these two entrepreneurs create for local and national performers are not only made of human hair but they also require a lot of work to produce. Both of these wigmakers use the same techniques for their creations, which are all made with Kanekalon, a heat-resistant synthetic fiber that can be straightened or curled.

The wigs are then hand-dyed and assembled at Wigs by Vanity’s home, which is also where George holds dance classes for teens. He operates the wig shop on a part-time basis and fills in his schedule with more local dance jobs, but when he’s working on a drag show he often spends up to six days in a row making a single wig. This is a labor-intensive process because each wig requires three to seven bundles of hair, which must be trimmed and styled with heat, spray, and glue before they are ready for the stage.

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