Concerning Things To Know About Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

  • Monday, 25 May 2020
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Concerning Things To Know About Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

In the recent past, many women have gone for a wig that has been fashioned out of synthetic lace. This is largely due to its low cost as well as its level of convenience and looks. However, it is crucial to know that there are still many issues with this wig type that are often misunderstood.

Unlike real hair, these synthetic lace front wigs tend to split easily and become matted if they do not get enough exposure to the wind. If you plan to use it as part of your cosplay costume, it is recommended that you place a towel or sheet beneath the wig during the time you are wearing it. You do not want to allow the wig to become wet while at the same time letting it get dried because that would mean you will have hair falling down. Thus, it is essential that you remove the wig once it starts getting wet before going on with your cosplay act. Keeping the wig dry while you are wearing it is very important in order to avoid a bunch of frizzy hair.

The reason why the wig is unable to hold on to hair and become conditioned is because synthetic lace is not real hair. This means that it is not as dense or as strong as real hair. It is also prone to losing color fast and turning gray if it is not washed on a regular basis. A typical lady who has undergone regular hair care treatments is able to keep her wig longer because she knows how to take care of it right.

In case you are planning to put on your synthetic lace front wig on a regular basis, you should avoid using too many chemicals that would strengthen and tighten the hair. You should also make sure that you rinse your wig after every time you put it on. The best way to do this is to pull it straight off your head using a towel. You can then toss it into the washing machine on a low spin and wash it gently using a shampoo designed for lace.

Another issue with synthetic lace is that it is not able to withstand any amount of heat as well as wind that is created by the people. Thus, it would be advisable that you take extra precautions if you are a fan of do-it-yourself activities. Otherwise, you may end up with a wig that is damaged or broken.

The lace front wig can come with a big assortment of colors that you can choose from. However, it is very important that you are aware of what colors match well with your hair and skin tone. Do not choose colors that may stain your hair or skin. With that said, choosing colors that contrast with each other is also very helpful since it can help you create an eye-catching look.

Synthetic lace can be difficult to iron. Make sure that you use an ironing board that is specially designed for lace. Otherwise, you might end up with frizzy hair if you try to iron the wig on your own. This is because the heat that would be exerted by the iron might cause the wig to melt off.

Finally, you need to remember that synthetic lace is not meant to be worn around the face especially if it has been dyed. Thus, you should only wear it on the head and only during cosplay activities.

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