Can You Wear a Synthetic Wig to Bed?

  • Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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    Have you been wondering whether it's right to sleep in a wig? Well, we've received this question from a lot of our clients asking,'Can I sleep in my wig?'. 

Can You Wear a Synthetic Wig to Bed? sleeping with a wig, wig to sleep in
    Wigs are made in multiple colors and the synthetic comes in different lengths and sizes. If you choose a hand-tied cap construction wig you'll have to sleep with it since it's meant to be permanent for a certain duration of time. 
    Nevertheless, regardless of the wig type, you can sleep with it, but, to protect and maintain it there are things that you should be ready to do.

(1)Brush all the tangles from the hair every morning
(2)At least once in a week you should wash and condition the wig
(3)Acquiring a silk/satin pillowcase for protection against friction which may damage or tangle your wig.
(4)Wrapping the hair with a silk scarf to reduce friction when you move your head while sleeping.

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