Buying a Green Wig

Buying a Green Wig

  • Monday, 15 May 2023
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Buying a Green Wig

It's not easy to pull off a green wig, especially if you're a man. But the right wig can make your whole head look brighter, and even if it's only a couple inches long, it can have an instant impact. Luckily, there are plenty of great options on the market—including synthetic green wigs and human-hair green wigs that can help you achieve the desired effect.

Whether you're going for a emerald pixie cut or a neon blond hue, if it's green, it's gonna catch people's attention. This popular lace-front wig (which has a casual 4,800 positive reviews on Amazon) is made with Swiss lace, so it's super durable without looking bulky at your hairline. Plus, it comes with a small amount of pre-stylized hair so that you can switch up the part or wear a ponytail or a bun without it looking too obviously wig-like.

You can get a lot of wear out of this wig, too, because the reviewers have been saying that it has minimal shedding. That means you'll only have to wash it with a sulfate-free shampoo every four or five wears, then just gently finger-comb it to take out any tangles. It also has a built-in cap that's comfortable and secure, so it'll stay in place all night long.

If you want a green wig that looks even more realistic, go with one that's made from human hair. That's typically more expensive, but it makes for a wig that feels lighter and more like your own hair and has more of a natural-looking appearance. Look for a wig that has either European or Indian hair, which are the most sought-after, as well as Chinese hair, which is less expensive but still very high-quality, says Norris.

Another option is a synthetic green wig, which tends to be cheaper and more durable than human-hair wigs. You can find some really nice options that still look pretty natural, but the best ones will have a natural-looking hairline and be made of heat resistant synthetic fiber, which means it can withstand some hot styling tools. This wig is affordable and rated highly by reviewers, and you can wear it all year round, not just for costume purposes.

There are a few different shades of green to choose from with this short straight green wig, which has a pretty natural-looking hairline and a comfy breathable mesh wig cap that will feel lightweight on your head. It's great for a quick wig change and will probably get you a ton of compliments.

The term "wigs on the green" actually refers to a fight in which someone's wig gets knocked off, but it's become a popular nickname for any kind of political brawl. In fact, last summer a man wearing a green Joker wig and mask allegedly led police on a wild chase in Orange County, California—but it's unlikely his wig got knocked off during that crazy ride. He's since been arrested.

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