Blue Wig - A Stylish Way to Switch Up Your Halloween Look

Blue Wig - A Stylish Way to Switch Up Your Halloween Look

  • Thursday, 28 December 2023
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Blue Wig - A Stylish Way to Switch Up Your Halloween Look

Blue Wig: A Stylish Way to Switch Up Your Halloween Look

If dyeing your hair a bright shade of cerulean with temporary hair color products isn't quite in the cards for you this year, a blue wig is an easy and fun option. With shades ranging from baby to navy, these vibrant tresses are a cool way to add an instant pop of personality to any Halloween costume or outfit. From badass movie characters who rock cerulean manes to the spirited heroines of Sailor Moon, these blue wigs are perfect for anyone who wants to unleash their inner superhero or anime fangirl this October.

The angled layers on this medium length rooted wig by Hairdo are expertly crafted to create natural volume. The hair is made with Tru2Life heat-friendly synthetic fibers, so you can style it as desired. With 7" bangs that can be trimmed, this wig can be worn with a cute side-swept or full appearance. Whether you're looking to dress up as Marge Simpson or the adorable Joy and Sadness from Inside Out, this wig makes it a snap to achieve the look.

Gals who want to keep up with the Kardashian/Jenner clan will love this ice blue wig that's inspired by Kylie Jenner's icy strands. It's the ideal way to put a celeb-inspired spin on any outfit, but it also works wonders for a mermaid or princess costume. This wig could even serve as an unintentionally ironic nod to the '90s with its throwback colors and style.

Anyone who's a self-proclaimed comic book buff will love channeling Rick from Rick and Morty with this wig. The color and texture match perfectly with the rest of the costume, making it an easy and affordable DIY look that will get lots of compliments at a party or convention. Anime fans can make their own version of a sailor girl with this bob-cut blue wig that's inspired by the heroine of Coraline. With this wig, you can even become the sailor squad's leader, Sailor Mercury.

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