Black to Pink Ombre Hair

  • Tuesday, 09 February 2021
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Black to Pink Ombre Hair

Black to pink ombre hair dye is a popular, funky style for your everyday life! When you dye your black hair with pink it creates a very cool, feminine look. Pink Ombre Hair - When you simply dye your black hair with pink it creates a very cool, feminine look. Most of the time when girls walk into a room they will think to themselves, "what is that?" I will show you how to create this look with hair dye!

The first thing you must do before you begin dying your hair is to make sure your hair is as dry as possible. The last thing you want is to have a disaster with your beautiful ombre dyed hair. Once your hair is as dry as possible apply the black to pink dye. Once you have applied the black to pink dye rub it in really well all over your head starting from the bottom of your head. When you are finished rubbing the black to pink dye in use a large iron to dry your hair as much as possible.

Next you will need to prepare your scalp by washing it. Rinsing your hair with water will wash away some of the chemicals in the black to pink ombre. Dry your hair completely and apply a large scarf to keep your hair away from your face. Next take a section at the top of your head and twist your hair into a bun. This braid will help secure your hair in place. Once you have secured your hair take a section at the bottom of your head and gently pull the rest of your hair back from your scalp.

Once you are done with your black to pink amber color job you will need to apply a fade. Fade is what gives colors their depth. The longer you let your color sit the darker it will become. To add more depth to your color, you should apply a second coat of black to pink dye. This will give your hair color depth and fullness.

After you finish applying all your black to pink amber coloring to your hair and scalp it is time to style your hair. To create waves or curls you should comb your hair back and forth. To create a smooth transition between straight and curls you should use a blow dryer. If you want your hair straightening you can try curling your hair, but if you don't want to straighten your hair you should leave it curly.

When it is time for drying your hair take a towel and dip it in a bowl of water. You should place your hair on a tray that has been soaked in water. Drying your hair under direct sunlight is not a good idea because it may cause damage to your hair. You can also purchase hair dryers that have a diffuser. A diffuser is especially helpful when you are drying black to pink ombre hair so that the color does not come out as bright as it would normally.

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