5 Medium Length Brown Wigs That Work on All Face Shapes

5 Medium Length Brown Wigs That Work on All Face Shapes

  • Saturday, 28 October 2023
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5 Medium Length Brown Wigs That Work on All Face Shapes

When it comes to medium length hair, there's no shortage of options. You can go with a shag haircut that adds tons of texture, or opt for beachy waves that give off a laid-back vibe. You can also glam it up with an elegant updo or even try a half-up, half-down look that's both flirty and refined.

Whatever look you want to rock, a medium length brown wig can help you achieve it. In fact, many of these styles are versatile enough to work on all face shapes. The key is to find a look that suits your face shape and skin tone. Start by figuring out your own personal style, then choose the best medium length brown wig for you.

If you're a fan of the short, pixie cut favored by celebrities like Lori Harvey, this wig is a good place to start. It's made from heat-friendly synthetic fibers and has a breathable inner rose net with adjustable straps to let you tighten or loosen the cap for an optimal fit. Plus, it comes in nine shades, including a few all-natural colors and several fantasy ones.

The lace front on this wig is super durable, and testers say it looks pretty damn natural at the scalp, too. It's also tangle resistant and available in a few different lengths, so you can get just the right look. And it's great if you want to experiment with bangs without making a permanent commitment to them, because the wig comes with a face-framing fringe that can be worn straight out of the bag or side-swept.

This wig's texture is meant to look just like your natural coarse, wavy hair. And since it's made from synthetic Yaki, it's a little bit more forgiving than some other wigs that can look a bit stiff and unnatural. You can even color it with washable tints, which will be easier and safer than trying a full-on dye job.

Another option for those who want to try out bangs without making a permanent commitment is this straight wig, which you can buy in 10 or 12-inch lengths. It's also tangle resistant, and it comes in a few different all-natural shades and a handful of fantasy hues.

If you've always wanted to try a blonde ombre look, but don't feel like undergoing the high-maintenance process of dying your own hair, then this synthetic wig is for you. The strands are dyed to match your shade, and testers say the result is pretty realistic.

If you want to keep your wig looking its best, then follow these tips. First, wash it with a shampoo designed for synthetic hair. Then, gently swirl it in cool water until you're happy with the color. Next, rinse it with cool water to remove the shampoo and allow it to air dry. Once it's completely dry, use a blow dryer set to warm (not hot) and follow with a moisturizing spray or leave-in conditioner.

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