5 Bold Red Hair Wigs

5 Bold Red Hair Wigs

  • Friday, 03 May 2024
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5 Bold Red Hair Wigs

If you've been longing for a bold red hair color but aren't quite ready to commit to bleaching your natural locks, check out these stunning and affordable red wigs.red hair wigs These gorgeous options—from fiery copper to rich strawberry blonde and dark burgundy—will make you look like the redhead you've always dreamed of becoming. Plus, you can wear them with your fave accessories to create a unique look that's all your own.

The luscious apricot shade of this wig is both natural and bold, reminiscent of the warm copper tones in a late autumn sunset.red hair wigs The subtle strands of honeyed peach that run through the shade suggest depth and a delicate sheen, and the color blends into lighter tones around the face for an all-over glow. The overall result is a radiant hue that would flatter a variety of skin complexions and adds a luminous quality to any outfit.

A classic bob style can be a great option for anyone who wants to try out a red hair color without the commitment of growing their hair long.red hair wigs This short wig has a chin-length silhouette that's super flattering, especially on those with rounder faces. The soft layers in this wig make it incredibly versatile—you can wear it with bangs or sweep them to the side for a softer, more feminine look. The monofilament construction is also incredibly lightweight and comfortable, making it a great choice for daily wear.

This wig from the famous lace front wig maker is a great option for those who want to try out a bold red hair color but don't want to deal with the maintenance of growing it long. This wig features a lace front design that creates the appearance of your own natural hairline and comes with a snag-free closure to ensure maximum comfort. The wig is lightweight enough to be worn while sleeping or running errands, and it's also easy to style with heat tools.

Another way to get the look of a red wig while still maintaining your natural hair is to go for a braided protective style. This wig from Amazon has long, knotless box braids that feel lightweight and super natural on the head, according to testers. Plus, it only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to lay down each morning (simply smooth a dollop of mousse over the edges and wrap it in a satin headscarf for a few minutes).

While all red wigs should be cared for with the same level of attention as your real hair, colored wigs should be especially well-cared for to prevent fading or dullness. You can use a deep conditioner designed for colored hair or a moisturizing spray with a plant-based formula to keep your wig looking its best. Also be sure to avoid over-styling your wig with heat, as this can cause it to dry out and fade faster.

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