Everything You Need to Know About Wigs

What is a wig?

  • Tuesday, 30 July 2019
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Hairpieces keep looking and feeling better as the years go by, and they are ideal for both medical and cosmetic purposes. This is the time for wigs to have their moment. So, what is a wig? Well, this is a head covering used mostly by women that can be made from human, animal, or synthetic hair.

The natural wig hair is mostly sourced from Asia or India and usually, cost more than the other versions. However, if you need something more affordable, then you can opt for the synthetic version.

Types of available wigs

Wigs come in different lengths, colors, and styles and even in individual pieces. It’s all up to you and your preference in this case. You can go for the ponytail wig or opt for the wiglet option if you please provided it suits you.

Synthetic vs. human wig

Human wigs are made from actual real human hair and are the most natural looking wigs in the bunch. Synthetic wigs are, however, made using synthetic fibers which are mostly imported from Japan.

Both synthetic and human hair also come with their limitations. Optimally, you can, therefore, choose to have both on hand for different occasions.

Choosing a synthetic wig

When selecting the best synthetic wig, you must consider factors like the versatility of the wig. The wig’s density and texture are also other essential factors to consider.

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