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How To Choose A Synthetic Wig

  • Friday, 02 August 2019
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Synthetic wigs can't be styled the same way as human hair. Though it can be fluffed up a bit, the appearance of the wig you purchase is the one you'll be stuck with. Below are a few factors you should consider before buying a synthetic wig.


Determine the amount of time you require to spend on your hair every day. Actually, longer wigs need more care including brushing, while winter wigs are ready to wear when you put them on.

The Cap

First, turn your wig inside out and observe at the cap beneath which holds it in place. Choose for a lace-front cap in case you want to put on your hair back off your face. Pick a hand-tied cap if you want the hair to move around like natural hair.


Try on the wig to make sure it feels comfy on your head and that you like the style. If you feel pressure or pain, try on another wig with a various cap style.

Compare the Color

Take your wig outside, and compare the color to your natural hair color. Find a wig which closely matches your natural color for the ideal look.

The Movement

Try shaking your head as you look in a mirror to see the way the hair moves. Wigs are created of various synthetic materials. Thus, pick one which moves mostly like organic hair.

Considering the above factors, you can be sure to buy a wig that will make you stand out.

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