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Can I cut the hair on my wig?

  • Thursday, 06 June 2019
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You wear a wig to enhance your personality. But if others can make out that you're using one, the whole purpose of donning a wig is defeated. The setting can in fact turn humiliating sometimes. Most people give up the idea of putting on a wig to avoid such an awkward situation. However, with right selection, care, caution and some preparation, it's possible to wear a wig with dignity and style. 

Firstly, you've to select a wig that goes with your body. Next up you should take adequate care not to let the secret out through your own mannerisms or behavior. Most importantly, just like any other accessory, wig also needs to be prepared to merge with your personality. This can be achieved by trimming the hair, putting on additional layers or by cutting bangs. One or more of these activities may be required to be done. It's always best to wear your wig and get it styled from a professional hair stylist. If you have some shearing talent and want to do it yourself, take care of the following points :-

(a) Fix the wig on a wig stand and put adequate number of T-pins to hold the lace line in place. 

(b) Release all tangles by combing. 

(c) Start cutting from the back side and cut at an angle of 45 degrees. This gives a natural appearance to the wig. 

(d) Finally cut any loose hair that may have got missed. 

It's recommended to decide the length that you desire before you start trimming because you can not increase the length back if you wanted. Wearing a wig may seem like a challenge initially, but as the nerves settle down you will get confidence from the improved appearance that the wig adds to you.

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