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Can I Shower or Swim in My Wig?

  • Wednesday, 26 June 2019
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Wigs have become a trend among women’s fashion over the years. Most people prefer synthetic wigs, especially, to natural hair wigs because they’re inexpensive, lightweight, and easier to maintain and style. Wigs also come with many benefits that their wearers get to enjoy. However, it is also essential to note that wigs also come with their limitations. This article begs to answer the question of whether it is wise to shower or swim with your synthetic wig or not.

Well, no is the pain answer here. It’s not advisable to swim or shower with your wig. For one, water tends to put a lot of stress on wigs and, thus, create unmanageable tangles. Therefore, showering or swimming with your wig is one sure way of destroying them.

Swimming with wigs

Pool water tends to have a lot of chemicals meant to treat them that damage wigs and destroy their beautiful colors. The same also goes for ocean water which has salt and other chemicals that can also destroy your wig and render them useless.

Showering with wigs

Another sure way of damaging your wigs is showering with them. Synthetic wigs, especially, need gentle handling for them to serve you longer. Therefore, any vigorous rubbing or handling that happens in the shower is bound to mess them up. You are more likely to ruin their fibers. Not to mention the soapy chemicals that can destroy their feel too.

Final thoughts

The above context should be enough to deter you from showering or swimming with your wigs. Always try to tuck them away safely whenever you want to go for a little dip or get into the shower.

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