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Bob Wig: A Short Wig with Curls

  • Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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Bob wigs are short head coverings generally made from synthetic fiber or human hair. The hair lengths do not go beyond the shoulders (12-13 inches) and are preferred by many people because it shifts the point of attention towards the face. A bob wig comes with a lot of designs having straight hair and curls. They may vary in color, shape, and design. 
All the variations of a bob wig are considered based on skin tone, the centre of attention, compatibility for a design, adhesives, natural hairstyle, quality, and cost. The type of wig should be initially screened based on skin tone. The intended wig should blend well with the skin tone. The wig should be shaped in such a way that the focus remains on the face and should complement the natural hairstyle of the person. 
Personal factors of the bob wig include compatibility of the person to the type of bob wig, type of adhesive used and adhesive allergies to be taken care of, the additions made to the natural hairstyle of the person, quality of the wig and the cost of the wig. The bob wigs are always the easiest selection of wigs, but remember to choose quality over cost!

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