Everything You Need to Know About Wigs


  • Tuesday, 09 July 2019
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There are many different ways that you can use to style your wigs today and make them looking flashy for a lot longer. This article aims to provide you the best procedures on how to style synthetic wigs. Styling your hair has become a lot easier with the quality of synthetic wigs that are available in the market today. Check out these surefire tips on how to style your synthetic wigs and make them serve you for a lot longer.

1. Know about the heat features

Some synthetic wigs aren’t heat friendly and get destroyed when they come into contact with any level of heat. Even heat from a steaming pot can ruin these types of synthetic wigs.
There are, however, heat-friendly synthetic wigs that you can style using heat. But even so, you still need to know the degree of heat you expose these synthetic wigs to lest you spoil them too.

2. Don’t brush wet synthetic wigs

Wigs tend to be more vulnerable when wet as the weight of water between the hairs can stretch the wig’s fibers. It is, therefore, advisable that you wait until they are dry before you brush them.

3. Use a spray bottle
You also want to have a good spray bottle that’s filled with water that you can use to revitalize frayed hairs. Water also helps to reduce frizz as synthetic wigs respond wonderfully to water.

4. Accessorize
Accessorizing your wig is also another excellent way of styling them. You can personalize their looks by adding headbands or scarves to help brighten their colors.

Final thoughts

Styling synthetic wigs is an easy task. You only need to have the right products for it and know how to use these products.

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