Refreshing Long Wavy Burgundy Wig

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  The hair colour that you choose often reflects who you are as a person, or at least partially.  When you are on the hunt to make sure that you look as incredible as possible in your hair colour and style together, this burgundy wavy wig is the reliable long-term option to make the difference for your sense of style.  Soft to the touch, realistic in its style, and long enough to make anything you want out of it, this comfortable and practical wig is going to be ideal for enjoying a professional quality wig that certainly won’t disappoint.

•Made with top-quality, heat resistant synthetic fiber

•Transparent lace suitable for different skin tones

•Adjustable strap to fit different head sizes

•Wavy texture

•Burgundy red color

Refreshing Long Wavy Burgundy Wig Long Wavy Burgundy Red Lace Front Synthetic Wig Heat Resistant burgundy red wavy wig,reddish wavy wig,burgundy red lace front wig,reddish blonde lace front wig,reddish synthetic lace front wig,lace front synthetic wig red,dark red lace front wig for white women,front lace wig dark red price: USD: 53usd Euro: 51Eur GBP: 42.99GBP

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